Culturally, historically and politically perhaps an unusual set, the economic alliance of the BRICS nations assures that theirs will have a decisive role in shaping the 21st century. Opportunities for growth have been exploited by both local and foreign industry and have led to impressive economic growth in a number of BRICS countries. This has engendered its own challenges, exacerbated by recent turbulence in the global economy and the unique socio-economic considerations in the BRICS countries.

Recognising the need for fresh legal perspectives, five Intellectual Property law firms, Daniel Advogados from Brazil, Gorodissky & Partners from Russia, Remfry & Sagar from India, CCPIT from China and Adams & Adams from South Africa, came together to discuss intellectual property issues of the day in their respective jurisdictions and to brainstorm collectively for suitable responses. Together, these firms form the BRICS IP Forum (BIPF).

Established with the objective of channelling thoughts and formulating recommendations on IP law related questions common and peculiar to the BRICS group, the Forum is intended as a think tank. Relevant issues are placed before other global IP organisations, market leaders in industry and national governments for discussion. The Forum also acts as platform to assist other similarly placed economies.

Through its annual conference meetings, the Forum’s intention is to keep industry and intellectual property practitioners worldwide updated on the latest intellectual property policy and law developments in the BRICS countries.

The BIPF first met in Gurgaon, India in November 2008. It has grown with each passing year and subsequent annual meetings have been held in Beijing (China), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Moscow (Russia), Chicago (USA), Munich (Germany) and Shanghai (China).